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Workout in
My Private Private Studio 

One to one attention in my private studio . $100 per hour paid in groups of 10.

Private personal training & nutrition coaching for sports fitness, posture and corrective exercise, weight loss and lifelong health.

Book your Free Phone Consultation Today!

Vegetarian Food

Eat Better, Feel Better & Find a Nutrition Plan that Works For You

Together we'll sort through all the nutrition "shoulds" and find a plan that supports your body and activities for this stage of your life. 

Book your Free Phone Consultation Today!

People Clapping healthy office workplace wellness

Energize Your Team with a Group Workshop.

20-60 minutes workshops to help your team live healthier lives.

Choose from: Undo the Desk, Keeping that New Years Resolution or a Team Approach to Slimmer Offices with new content released regularly.

Your first program is free.  Contact me for details.

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