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Tired of being tired during the holidays?

Get the support you need to enjoy a happy & healthy holiday season so you can welcome 2023 feeling great!

Does this sound familiar?

You resolve to stay strong, control your portions, only have a bite of this and a bite of that; you have a plan - you'll try to walk more and eat less.

But the parties, cookies, adult beverages, lost sleep, and missed workouts add up quickly and throw you off your game.

And before you know it, January 1st comes along with another New Year's Resolution that weighs heavily on your mind.


There's nothing wrong with having fun and enjoying indulgences over the holidays. And with the right plan, support and resources you can have your holidays and your health too.


It's a fun-filled, easy to follow 6-week program that delivers an effective way to navigate the holiday frenzy.


The 7-Step Happy Healthy Holidays formula is designed to help you enjoy the holiday season without completely ignoring your healthy living goals. It begins with a powerful visualization exercise to clarify how you want to act and feel this season. This clarity will empower you to easily make decisions that align with your holiday goals and deepest desires.


What's Included

Christmas Gift

Holiday Thriving Guide

Get a jumpstart on the holidays with our Holiday Thriving Guide which contains everything you'll need to not only survive, but to thrive this holiday season. And because it's all delivered electronically, you'll have access anytime and anywhere via your computer, tablet or smartphone.

Ice Skating on Frozen Lake

Live Coaching Sessions

We'll meet as a group on Zoom for live coaching sessions every week. Click to view coaching schedule. Each week, I'll guide you through the next step in the Happy Healthy Holidays formula and host live Q+A so you feel fully supported in your journey.

Winter Tea

Supportive Community

You'll be invited into our private Happy Healthy Holidays community of like-minded women who are on the same journey. You'll have direct access to me. If you need support, want to celebrate a win, or just want to chat...the community is ready to serve you.


My name is Kathy Yeiser

Sweets are my go to, and as you know, the holidays can be a landmine of opportunities to feed our stress rather than our bodies, so I'll be teaching you things that help me and my clients feel our best. Fortunately, I love the way it feels to be active, and as a personal trainer, I have LOTS of ideas about you can get the benefits of movement in your busy life. I hope you'll join me and discover ways that help you enjoy the holidays and the New Year. You don't want to miss it!

Kathy Yeiser Nutrition Coach

Happy Healthy Holidays is for you if you want...

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Daily Motivation

You'll keep your motivation high as you follow the holiday calendar and score healthy wins along the way.

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Live Questions & Answer Time

You'll have LIVE access to me every week so you feel connected and supported this holiday season.

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Awesome Support

You'll enjoy our community of like-minded women celebrating happier and healthier holidays too.

HappyHealthyHolidayFlyer (3).jpg

Powerful Prompts

You'll stay focused on what you want to be, do, and have by responding to powerful journal prompts.

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Live Trainings

You'll learn how to navigate food choices, difficult people, and other obstacles that come your way.

New Year Sign

A Very Happy New Year

You'll enjoy lots of joy throughout the season and in January, when you feel rested and ready for the new year.

Woman Snow Tubing

Finish the Year Strong by Giving Yourself

The Gift of Health

Hurry, enrollment closes December 2, 2022.

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