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Frequently Asked Questions

How does nutrition coaching work?

You can choose if we meet weekly or every two weeks for 30 minutes. During each session, we work on one piece of your action plan and assure that you have all the tools you need to complete that action. I don't sell any supplements and this isn't a prescribed diet plan. I will support you in your goal to lose weight, support your athletic goals, or improve your family's long term eating habits. We'll create a plan that works for your body and your life.

Do I need a special diet?

Nutrition is as, or more, important as exercise for overall health, but highly restrictive diets are not usually the best long-term solution. This program is based around your goals, so we can talk about replacing habits and healthier eating. 


What will my first workout be like?

Five minutes of paperwork and a great workout with a focus on technique! Whether you’re a pro or a beginner, we’ll start where you are. Core strength, balance, agility, flexibility, strength and cardio will be part of your workout.

What about alcohol? Marijuana?

Alcohol is lots of calories and little nutrition so if you are trying to lose weight you will probably need to reduce your alcohol consumption during the weight loss phase.

If you wonder what it would be like to not use alcohol, marijuana, or other substances give yourself 6-8 weeks off substances to let it fully clear your body and realize any changes. Seek out the many community resources to support you in this goal.

Finding the motivation is exercise is easier when you aren’t recovering from what you ate, drank or smoked the night



Can you help with my diet?

Yes! I will help you implement improvements to your diet, share recipes that you might enjoy and feel good eating and coach you on developing a real food, lifelong eating strategy. I have three years of nutrition coaching education through both Precision Nutrition and Colorado State University. I also spent 6 years helping resort chefs develop healthier and tasty options that active clients want to eat. I can work with your healthcare provider and recommend registered dietitians if you are dealing with issues outside of my scope.

I am recovering from an injury or dealing with a medical condition.  How can you help?

Your workouts will be designed within the guidelines given by your physician or physical therapist. I'll apply my knowledge of corrective exercise to keep you safe and moving ahead. With your permission, I'll keep your health professional updated on your progress.  

Do I have to get on the scale?

Only if weight loss as a number is part of your goals or I need it for some exercise calculations, in which case I can record it for my use, but never tell you what it is.

Will I be sore?

Hopefully, but not too much. Muscle soreness is a sign that your workout challenged your muscles and they are rebuilding to be stronger.  The best way to prevent muscle soreness is to move, get out for a walk or other easy cardio the day after your workout, and don’t let muscle soreness keep you from doing your next workout. On the off chance that you experience joint pain or signs of injury, let me know asap and never hesitate to email if you are unsure.

Why haven’t I been able to do this myself?

Do you beat yourself up for paying someone to tune-up your car or file your taxes? Working with me is the same. You want to be fit, and you have enough things to worry about in the day. By working together, we can assure that you have a plan you are confident following and that will move you toward your goals.

What do I wear? 

Something that you can move in comfortably and don’t overheat in.  Gym shoes, or sometimes barefoot, depending on the activity and location.

For women: There are a lot of great sports bras for all shapes and sizes. Check local outdoor stores, or try Title Nine’s online bra finder. 

How much does it cost?

You'll find pricing details here.

Where do we meet?

My private gym or online via Facetime or Zoom.

Is it too late to get in shape for bike season? Ski season? Golf season? My beach vacation?

The sooner you start, the sooner you see results!  What you do inside AND outside the gym matter in reaching your goals.

There is hard science demonstrating that “Age Related Decline” is often lack of movement and can be slowed or

reversed. Sleepless nights are often helped with a good daytime workout, and the stress reducing benefits of exercise will help you look and feel better right away. Let’s get you moving more effectively and more often!   

How do I get started?

Call or email for a free consultation! We’ll talk about what you like and don’t like about exercise, what challenges your facing and goals your hoping to achieve. Together, we’ll make plans to get you there! Call me at 303-921-2291 or email

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